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Not so long ago, those wearing glasses were perceived as being flawed and prone to ridicule… We only need to mention the awesome Marilyn Monroe in her memorable film “How to marry a millionaire” to “remember” with a smile the period in time when laser and contact lenses did not exist. Back then, wearing eye glasses was the only alternative to be able to see from near or far!

Today, wearing glasses has become an art and thousands of frames are available to us. “The” right frame can transform the oval of your face instantly. The Right Frame can empower the shape of your face and (even if I despise this word) correct it instantly and effortlessly. Eye glasses can decorate or personalize.  Eye glasses can make you look thin or fat, more youthful or age you down, they can make you look more or less classy and elegant or sometimes even vulgar…in short one must be alert and keep his eyes wide open when choosing.

All my life, I will remember the awesome Iona Monahan, the phenomenal fashion icon and her humongous oval shaped glasses that conveyed to her gaze unabridged curiosity, unbindingattention to even the most minute detail… unmovable… and always attuned to all that’s ahead… and what about the flaky and hilarious Dame Edna or the poised intellectual and ingénue Nana Mouskouri or the mysterious and impalpable Onasis! Today wearing glasses is not just a necessary evil but an opportunity to frame your eyes, yes, but even more so, to transform one’s face and even somewhat one’s body, with a flick of the fingers.

Any shape may it be round, square, oval, rectangular or triangular… large, small or minute, has the power to enhance  or disadvantage your eye area and/or the contours of your face. If the chosen ones are in metal, make sure that the color of the metal complements your natural harmony. A shinny metallic frame can amplify and underline any silver shine typical to dry and scaly, humid or oily skins… particularly if the frame is made of white metal.  However, if you can’t resist “the call” of a metal frame, you might want to consider a matt metal version.

Any color in the lens of your eye glasses transforms all you see and filters the light that passes through, contributing in creating a certain “anemia” of the skin in the immediate eye area. To compensate […]

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