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Engaging in daily skin care may appear to be just one more time-consuming routine.  But that’s hardly the case! Just ten minutes per day is all it takes to enjoy silky smooth skin season after season. Here are our “bodilicious programs…for women on the go!”


In a country such as ours, our body’s epidermis reacts quite differently from season to season. Buried beneath layers of fabric for six months, the skin becomes taut and itchy.


You have to understand that the body’s skin tends to dry easily because, other than areas of the back and cleavage, it has ten times fewer sebaceous glands than facial skin. This explains why our arms and especially our legs often seem rougher.  There are fewer fatty substances to retain moisture in the skin, so that the skin of the body dehydrates more quickly than that of the face.

Moreover, in winter, clothing hugs the skin, compressing blood vessels and disrupting the natural flow of water through blood circulations. Add to this the warmer water of a comforting shower in winter (while a hot shower relaxes the nerves, it unfortunately has a strong drying effect on the epidermis), and you’ve got a perfect recipe for profoundly dehydrated skin.

So what can you do to make sure you have the skin you want at any given time? Skin that’s smooth, soft and supple winter and summer? The following presents a few examples of both express and in-depth body care programs.


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