The tonic lotion – the forgotten step

True, we occasionally tend to skip a few steps in our beauty routine. Unfortunately, the toning lotion is often the first one to go. Yet it is of vital importance to the daily maintenance of your facial skin. Here are 5 concrete reasons for putting lotions back to work for you!

The next imperative step, after removing your makeup or cleaning your skin, is the application of a toner in order to:

  1. Remove any residual makeup and eliminate any dirt still incrusted in the skin.  Think you got it all?  Just take a cotton ball soaked in toner and run it over your face, freshly cleaned with a makeup removing milk or cream. Chances are the colour of your cotton ball will change. Imagine this residue on your skin.  It clogs it and could lead to blackheads.
  2. Enjoy a strong feeling of total cleanliness and freshness. Imagine starting the day by quickly removing the sebum and all impurities produced during the night. A bit of lotion and you start the day off on the right foot! Mentally and physically!
  3. Strengthen blood circulation and, in the process facilitate the removal of toxins. Your skin will be glowing and the dull complexion will be erased. In addition, your skin will be better prepared to absorb the active ingredients contained in the serums and creams you will subsequently be applying, thereby ensuring maximum efficiency from your products.
  4. Restore your skin’s natural balance and pH. This will allow you to maintain a healthy skin. In addition, the lotion becomes an alternative to washing with water, for those who have sensitive, reactive skin. This type of skin can react strongly to lime, salts and chlorine found in tap water, making it essential for these persons to use the lotion to “rinse” off makeup removers.
  5. Provide additional support to one of your skin’s specific needs. For example: there are now purifying lotions for oily skin with a powdery  “dry water” texture that instantly produces a long-term mattifying effect while reducing the excessive secretion of oil. Imagine the fresh clean feeling, regardless of the rather “shiny” nature of your skin. Better yet, the skin’s pores will be temporarily minimized and tightened. For dry and sensitive skin, there are lotions whose “milky texture” provide ultimate comfort to rather delicate skin in need of soothing care. In short, these lotions also serve as a preliminary treatment.

Convinced? We’re willing to bet that these arguments will lead you to reconsider the benefits of toners, which will no longer be overlooked in your daily skincare routine.

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