Jean-Philippe Bastien

Silhouet-Tone mean anything to you? It’s a name you’ve surely already heard or remember seeing somewhere, but where? Unlike you, your aesthetician knows a great deal about Silhouet-Tone and could talk to you about it for hours. Why?


For an overview of this brand recognized and sought after by professionals in the field of aesthetics, we spoke to Jean-Philippe Bastien, Sales and Marketing Director at Silhouet-Tone.


Silhouet-Tone… what do they make?


Silhouet-Tone is one of the largest manufacturers of spa and aesthetics equipment worldwide. Producing both aesthetics furnishings distinguished by their sleek lines and specialized cutting-edge equipment,  Silhouet-Tone resorts to the latest technologies to ensure your ultimate comfort. Its brand has been putting its knowledge and know-how at the service of beauty for 49 years, offering you a wide array of effective, painless and non-invasive fast-acting rejuvenation treatments.

The company works strictly with industry professionals such as licensed aestheticians, medico-aesthetics clinics, spas, beauty institutes and beauty salons, to name a few.


Silhouet-Tone impresses for… ?


A Quebec company active in some 52 countries, Silhouet-Tone is, in the beauty industry, the firm, which over the past six years has earned the largest number of distinctions for the quality, performance and safety of its equipment. This is a true guarantee for your aesthetician who wishes to provide you with the ultimate in terms of treatment.


Thanks to Silhouet-Tone, Quebec know-how has been propelled to the forefront of the world stage. With its multinational presence and history, it easily rivals the largest American and European firms in the beauty sector.

From Paris’s most modern spas to Dubai’s most luxurious hotels, by way of the world’s most high-profile medi-spas and clinics, Silhouet-Tone boasts peerless prestige.


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