Magda Bernath

At first glance, you might be a bit intimidated by her timeless beauty, carmine lipstick flawlessly applied to lips worthy of the red carpet and a slightly authoritative air that takes you aback. Behind the scenes, however, it’s an entirely different story. Magda Bernath, Marketing Director at VIVESCENCE, a line of professional care products, is unquestionably an accomplished woman, but more that, she has the biggest heart, a maternal nature, and a generosity that transpires in everything she does. Profile of a Quebec woman with class, brains and, as she is apt to say, an unconditional love for small jars!

Her success? VIVESCENCE. A brand of skincare products for beauty institutes, whose anti-aging effectiveness is well known. The result of productive encounters, diverse know-how and daring, VIVESCENCE is her treasure, her pride and, to some extent, her identity! A look at a success story with a fine future still ahead…

At the outset, Magda Bernath went to the right school. A Communication and Marketing graduate of the University of Montreal, she acquired experience in the field of aesthetics, obtaining her professional diploma in this sector from the Edith Serei School, a leader in the field recognized for the purest practice of this profession. Concurrently, she worked in a boutique specializing in cosmetics and fragrances, growing and developing her knowledge of this world of creams, powders and fragrances.

But Magda Bernath also wanted a family. And so, at the age of 28, she decided to become her own boss and set her own work schedule.  To this end, she opened her own institute in the upscale Town of Mount Royal area. With three cabins and 3 aestheticians, Magda Bernath headed this small enterprise, deftly steering its growth.  Here, she welcomed a well-heeled clientele looking for services in keeping with their financial means. To meet their expectations, Magda deepened her knowledge of professional products and grew increasingly demanding when it came to beauty. For 10 years, she effectively juggled the requirements of professional and family life, but the desire to meet new challenges began to tug at her.  In response, she closed her institute and joined the France Laure Group as national instructor. Quickly proving herself, she became the Group’s international instructor. This transformed her professional landscape, putting her in touch with an international business clientele; she travelled extensively, slept little and explored, with noticeable interest, the field of product development.

Five years after joining the France Laure Group, at an aesthetics trade show, she ran across a childhood friend, Eric Ghedin, who by then was President of Silhouet Tone, a manufacturer of spa and aesthetic equipment.  This led to another turn on her professional journey: Eric invited her to join his group as Marketing and Communication Director of Silhouet Tone, an invitation she accepted. Magda Bernath knows how to seize an opportunity when it looms. For ten years, she would introduce an indispensable touch of femininity to the world of tech-savvy engineers who were much too masculine to know how to speak to the women of the aesthetics community from which she came.  Still today, the group’s communications bear her imprint; she sees to it! But Magda Bernath did not stop there. When she joined the Silhouet Tone group, she had met another charismatic figure from the world of aesthetics, Marie Delage. A visionary, entrepreneur and, like her, a Quebecer, Marie Delage was the one who would make Somak Distribution the largest global distributor on the Canadian aesthetics scene. Now vice-president of the Group, Marie Delage also bears the unmistakable marks of unquestioned professional success.

In other words, the meeting of these two Quebec women could only augur something unique and extraordinary…their common vision of VIVESCENCE: “Offering the women of Québec an uncompromising beauty experience”. Their mandate was demanding but they are unyielding! They wanted science, but science that was visible.  There was no question of getting into commercial cosmetics […]

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