First institute experience

The skin is our body’s frontline protective barrier, a fact I’ve often forgotten! My first experience in an institute, shortly before my 25th birthday, was a gift from the one who cares most about my wellbeing: my wife.
This session of foot massages and relaxation proved to be a real eye-opener: I felt that I was finally treating my body with the respect it deserved!
From the first ministrations, the treatment brought me intense serenity, each gesture adding a new level of relaxation and release. After the first few minutes, my stress released, I entered a period of “paradoxical” work: I felt the effects of the treatment on my organs; I could feel the area warm up, the blood flow freely. This passive work required no effort on mypart. I felt like a patient in the professional hands of an angel committed to a single cause: listening to my body, speaking to it, and responding with touch.

The treatment is a true silent conversation between two strangers who have so much to say. This first session lasted 90 minutes, which felt like 10, and I had the clear sensation of having experienced a privileged moment, without having to speak or see… It was magical!
Leaving the institute was quite something: my wife will never forget the circles of wellbeing under my eyes!
Obviously, this initial session was followed by others as I explored facial and back massages.
One of my favourite memories remains the couples’ chocolate back massage enjoyed in an institute in the Malagasy capital — a delight for our bodies!
All of these experiences have made me more aware of the importance of knowing and listening to my body. This has led to the daily use of protective and moisturizing creams — Sothys’s anti-ageing moisturizing fluid for men and its Eyes Energizing for men!
The first is applied to the entire face and provides protection within seconds. It dries extremely quickly and leaves no residue on the skin; it is truly pleasant and discrete! Its beneficial effect is felt at night when you wash your face and remove the impurities of the day. Your face feels clean, soft and healthy! All I have to do is expose my skin to the air for the night, giving it a rest.
With its soft roll-on ball, the second applies easily, releasing just the right amount of liquid under the eyes. Spread it with your fingertips. It’s the perfect partner to the anti-ageing moisturizer, limiting my natural circles. Thanks to these short daily treatments, my skin feels healthier than ever!

To discover massages and quality cosmetic products is to honour and discover yourself. Our skin mirrors the state of our health. Think of the benefits you can so easily give it…so easily give yourself!

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