This autumn is all about change!  This wind of change is strongly reminiscent of the post war black and white pictures of the Hollywood stars expressed this time in full color.

This autumn also spells out mat textures and bold contours.  The face is sculpted and ‘’ toned’’. The brows are present and strong.   The mouth is deep crisp and precise while the skin tone mimics the opacity and luster of the pearl!

Gold shine is still ever so present in many products but serves more as a transition between yesterday and tomorrow….still, this presence is discrete and is a shy reminiscence of the glamour of recent years.

Here are a few tips to help you attune your look to this new reality.  The mat skin tone is created by a uniform application of Lift Defense foundation (choose the color that best matches your skin tone) applied all over the face and blended down into the neck area!  Oxyliance foundation is also a remarkable option.

Next, Soin Soleil Velouté is use to dynamize and modulates the face structures.  It is applied under the jaws, on each side of the nose, in the natural hollow of the cheeks, in the temple area and sometimes even replaces efficiently the eye shadow used under the brow structure.

The dramatic brow shape is created first by adding a stroke of Blond Cendré eye brow pencil on top of the brow structure and blended down into the natural brow.  Then, to ‘’fill’’ and define the final touch is achieved by adding Brun Profond eye shadow (for brunettes) or Vert Bronze eye shadow (for Blonds).

The eye contour (both top and bottom) are underlined with a medium stroke of Violine eye pencil and softly smudged to create a transparent result.  Then the inside of the entire top lash line is underlined by using Sothys black Kohl eye pencil. Fine strokes are then drawn between the lashes (using the same black Kohl pencil) and then softly smudged to create the ‘’fullness’’ usually only achieved by the use of false lashes.

The entire lid is then empowered by using the awesome Pastel de Rose eye shadow (a muted highlight) smudged up to the crease.  The entire under brow structure is then totally covered with a soft stroke of Vert Bronze eye shadow (for a natural result) or Brun Profond eye shadow (for more drama).

Many layers of superimposed mascara will be necessary to create this bewitching gaze.  Applied from the roots to the tips, the first layer addresses mainly the short baby hairs at the base of the eyes, the second application however helps to create bold volume while the third application addresses length.  One last coat can be used to cover both top and bottom lashes an opportune moment to separate each hair from one another… a fantastic eye opener!

The mouth is underlined with precision and penciled in all over the lip by using Brun Velouté lip pencilRouge Rock lipstick is then overlapped to create a deep rich color with a 3D effect.  The natural lip liner can also be used in the same way as a base to Nacre Délicate, Nacre Perlée or Rose Glamour lipsticks.

As a final touch the Prune or Bordeau glosses can be superimposed to the Rouge Rock result while Prisme or Orchidée glosses are great for the pastel lip combos.

Fall 2013, Picture Perfect !

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